Creative Translation​

Translation with a creative twist

Translation is much more than changing words from a language to another; any bilingual person can do that, but knowing a language doesn’t mean you are a linguist!

Creative translation is a pragmatic approach and should be an industry staple. It is used to engage with all audiences equally, across international markets, without a language barrier. 

Unlike the more direct (literal) approach, this method concentrates on full sentences, or even paragraphs, instead of word-for-word. This allows linguists to rewrite and slightly tweak the copy in the target language to make it seem as natural and idiomatic as feasible.

The principle behind Creative Translation is that the source language’s intent, tone of voice, local expressions, rhythm, and any other characteristics are represented on the translated material as if it were originally written in the target language.

This method is employed in marketing copy, blog articles, websites, and so forth. Taking a direct approach to this type of content can result in a robotic, rigid, and occasionally erroneous approach.

Correctly translating content into as many languages as possible is a necessity for any global brand, or any company wanting to enter a new market. 

Translated content gives the audience a sense of connection and trust, and allows millions more individuals to engage with the brand in question.

What we offer

Dedicated Project Manager
You’ll be assigned an experienced Project Manager who will liaise between you and the linguistic team to ensure a smooth process.​
Curated linguistic team
A team of skilled, specialised, and trusted linguists will be carefully selected to take care of your copy​
In-depth research
PM’s and Linguists will learn more about you and your content to achieve the most accurate result possible.
Any file format
Same delivery
You won’t need to convert content into complicated tables to prep translation. Send us any file and we’ll deliver it back in the same format. Including design.
Tech integration
We offer an array of Tech solutions, including options to integrate with your systems. Check our Software and Technology section under Services.
Two rounds of amends
We try to nail it the first time, but if you ever have preferential changes we are more than happy to assist you. ​

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