Direct Translation

From simple to simple

While Direct Translation may be seen as the most rudimentary form of translation, it has its own merits and demands expertise to produce good results.

Direct Translation, also known as Literal Translation, is the basic process of transforming one language into another.

This process does not consider colloquial terms or cultural relevance, as neither should the source content. 
Direct Translation employs a word-for-word framework and is best suited for technical translations in which every word is thoroughly taken into account during the copy’s creation.

This method guarantees:

  • A faster service
  • Easy and straightforward translation
  • All important information is maintained

While this may be a simple process, it is critical to recognise that it takes highly skilled linguists who specialise in the subject matter and are capable of conducting extensive research

What we offer

Dedicated Project Manager
You’ll be assigned an experienced Project Manager who will liaise between you and the linguistic team to ensure a smooth process.​
Curated linguistic team
A team of skilled, specialised, and trusted linguists will be carefully selected to take care of your copy​
In-depth research
PMs and Linguists will learn more about you and your content to achieve the most accurate result possible.
Any file format
Same delivery
You won’t need to convert content into complicated tables to prep translation. Send us any file and we’ll deliver it back in the same format. Including design.
Tech integration
We offer an array of Tech solutions, including options to integrate with your systems. Check our Software and Technology section under Services.
Two rounds of amends
We try to nail it the first time, but if you ever have preferential changes we are more than happy to assist you. ​

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