Multi-Language Typesetting

We offer rapid, cutting-edge technology (based on InDesign) that is able to prepare your files for translation or transcreation in any language that has an alphabet and a font. 

All languages vary in structure, so we use our intelligent tools and technology to deconstruct your files and prepare the copy for the target language and writer.  From the return of the Xliff or multilingual copy doc, we automatically build your language and artwork proofs for final approval and the last thing we do is polish. We call this light touch, saves time and money with our insitu service.

Example Case Study

A recent project for PS Translations saw us receive an original file on Monday, and by Wednesday we had constructed 45 language versions across 1,080 pages.  By Friday, we were able to deliver 45 books in 45 languages as print-ready files.

This project involved the services of 135 writers, reviewers and approvers from our trusted network, each one working diligently online.

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We only work with professional, certified translators who are true native speakers.
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