Our partnership promise

You may have heard many businesses talk about partnership, but how many really understand what that means in order to do it well?

At Managed Language, we like to think our partnership is different. And we’re not talking about the definition that most companies use – a logo tick list on a web page. To us, partnering means an active relationship between people, with a shared commitment to deliver solutions, services and support to a common and shared customer base.

Partnership is about teams or individuals, working with the business and through all of their clients’ challenges, sharing the risks and rewards, the tears and the laughter. Partnership means working towards a shared goal.

So why are we different?

Firstly, our partnership agreement is based on win-win – it’s fair and equitable. Secondly, we work with you, as our partner, to make a profit for the both of us. Remember: true partnership, true profit share.

We value you, in many ways, more highly than ourselves. This is an important value to us, in a world where we know people buy people. Partnership is all about referral, reliability and credibility – if it’s done right, partnership can bring these qualities in spades. It all comes down to trust. As long as we – you and us – trust one another, we can communicate that trust to our clients.

How do our partnerships work?

As with any business partnership, we should start by talking about money, because every business that consumes translation, marketing technology and creative production services in volume is, quite literally, throwing profits out the door.

There are three areas where our service, our approach and our technology bring cost savings – and this is where we make a difference. By working together, we are already different. We champion this difference. This is our mindset: let’s work together to create an ethical and credible alliance.

Creative production: time to partner up

We are looking for partners in all disciplines based around the marketing supply chain. From consultancy to supplier evaluation, capability testing to creation, versioning to execution fulfillment of all media, on all platforms – we want to work with you.

Translation management: what we do for you

We start by building your translation memory and then move into executions, and document and file building.

You will have heard the terms aggregation and reuse of the language, which is all well and good, but what do they actually mean? How do they translate to the kind of profits and cost savings that we’re talking about?

First, the facts: it is said that 80% of all marketing taglines and slogans have already been translated. So our approach is to build, language pair align, then use your language asset to save you money. In some cases this approach could bring up to 60% savings.