Meet the team

We are a group of creative, dynamic, honest and caring people. We love what we do!

Our background is different and we all started somewhere else… but our love for words and languages brought us here. We have studied Law, Psychology, Marketing, Music, Software Development, Computer Engineering, Business, Economics – and between us we can speak almost 10 languages.

We are a people business, and our company is dedicated to you, saving your time, lowering your cost, making the journey a pleasant one. We are diligent, honest and accountable and have true integrity. We put people first, we adapt, we flex. 

We aren’t a traditional language business, we are genuine and our communication is always honest: we will always offer the best solution, the most cost-effective, and the one we believe to be fair to you, to us and to the team of talented linguists who collaborate with us, and care about your success as much as you do.

Our clients vary in industries, but they all have 1 thing in common – bringing international customers through local brand language marketing. If there is a need for localised communication, Managed Language is your ideal partner to deliver, understanding true local communication and real brand language delivery for every asset, every marketing delivery in every channel.

Finally, our goal is to help your brand speak like a local, have a native sound! We help our clients to communicate their brand messages across channels, consistently, and in the most culturally-relevant way.

We don’t just translate words. We creatively use words to mirror sentiment, tone and meaning. We have your target language and your target audience at heart. 

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Being in the industry for years, I’ve seen the focus of delivery shift from translation to transcreation, from literal to local, from complicated to automated. I am proud to head a company that cares – about your content, your delivery, and your money as well! We are your partner to find your best solution, the right technology, the perfect fit. I am up for a chat, just let me know when.


Mark Alford

Founder Of Manage Language

  • We Operate World Wide

    We Operate World Wide

    So that you can do the same, in any market or language.

  • We Operate Virtually

    We Operate Virtually

    So we can easily scale and flex according to your needs - and we have this working model for many...many years!

  • We believe in Technology

    We believe in Technology

    And we can develop bespoke systems to deliver your multilingual workflow.

  • We LOVE What We Do

    We LOVE What We Do

    We are proud of what we deliver nd we believe we do it in a unique way.

  • We Don't Do Literal

    We Don't Do Literal

    We want our content to be original, local, creative and transcreated. And our team can deliver!

  • We Deliver

    We Deliver

    We pride oursleves of delivering on time, everytime - we thrive on challenges and hard deadlines.

Writers and Linguists

Your language ambassadors!

What makes them different is that they are not afraid to change the original source to make sure you sound great, and local. Communicators who understand meaning, tonality and content based on both the native language and your ideal audience.

All are bi-lingual and are by nature professionals, translators, copywriters, writers.

They have been tested, proven and approved. Many have worked with us over the last 20 years and are trusted to deliver your brand language. On brand, in the market, in your market voice and delivery of your brand values.

Below are SOME of our most regular collaborators. We are true fans of this bunch and know your work is in great hands: with trust, honesty and talent! 

Jelle - Dutch

Proud polyglot and native Dutch speaker - language in which the following sentence is grammatically correct: Als in Bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen, bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen. AI can’t replace us yet! To interpret this sentence, a human translator is still definitely needed.

Sirin - Thai

A nature lover who loves hiking up the mountain tops as much as diving deep underwater. Never shy away from trying out the unfamiliar, I enjoy discovering new ideas through travelling off the beaten paths and incorporating them into my personal and professional communications.

François - French

I was born in the east of France (not far from the Swiss border), on Christmas Day (my parents did not call me “Noël” and I still feel grateful for that today). As a kid, I was fascinated by the English language and the British culture, and as I am a voracious reader I have read nearly all the Victorian classics and Jane Austen at least twice, and Shakespeare too – but often in bilingual editions, I must confess. After my studies, I spent quite a few years managing a restaurant and wine bar in Paris. It was only 15 years later that I started translating, both for agencies and for French publishers to translate English and American novels.

Irene - Spanish

I studied Economics and Translation. Since 2014 I work as a freelance translator with passion. I love to discover the world behind each word I translate. When I am not translating, you can find me reading, dancing, knitting or perhaps walking while daydreaming on the countryside.

Regina - German

Fierce linguist AND pianist! You thought all linguists have glasses and are working in handmade wool socks on their kitchen table – fail. They only love hiding to better concentrate and deliver their best work especially to you.

Fabie - French

Crazy cat lady, marketing and transcreation extraordinaire. I was born in Paris and raised in the South of France, but I have been calling London home since I’m 20. I love the energy and the extraordinary mix of people present in this city. In no particular order, I absolutely adore music, champagne and snorkelling in tropical seas.

Duarte - Portuguese

I’m a Portuguese native living in Lisbon, born in 1982, with a taste for English and some affection for French. After briefly enrolling in different courses - like sound Engineering - I ended up taking Translation studies and it seems to be the area that best suited my skills. I’m an avid music listener, reader, writer and very passionate about languages - I love learning new words and continuously improving my knowledge, my skills and abilities.

Norbi - Hungarian

Since I started translating and teaching English 8 years ago, I have lived in 3 countries, learned 2 languages, studied marketing management, psychology and linguistics to understand better what is behind languages. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and playing tennis.

Hamou - French

I’m a Geek, a French native speaker born and bred in France in the southeast near Marseilles, and curious about a lot of interests and topics. I live in the wonderful city of London for the past 9 years and I like hanging out in the City and discovering new places and monuments! I've been a content writer since 2011 and I typically cover topics in the areas of finance, eCommerce and industry.

Anastasia - Russian

I love Linguistics, Biology, board games, fitness and dancing! My educational (and general) background determined my translation areas of specialization, yet I prefer linguistic tasks over purely translation tasks. I have three degrees: in Linguistics (English and German), Environmental and Pedagogics, and after that, I completed the 3-year postgraduate program of the Department of Ecology and Human Genetics. This fact made me stuck into Medical and Pharma translation for years, with some vast and bright “distractions” into gaming/casino and fitness/sport clothing translation. Definitely, I would love to proceed with my linguistics work in this latter creative direction.

Christine - French

Translator for more than 10 years, I specialize in IT, technical documents and marketing. French native, I live in North Carolina, USA with my husband, a native from Pakistan and my two girls. Our family is tricultural. Even our cat Romeo understands the 3 languages!

Maya - Greek

An old dog of the trade. Maya is a lively, enthusiastic humourous and hard-working freelancer. Born and raised in Greece, Maya followed Higher education studies in France in the field of Applied Linguistics, History of Art and Tourism. She therefore brings a mix of cultures and a way with words to the translation industry. Greek, English, French and Italian are her working languages. Outside translation, Maya is a keen mountaineer and traveller, a volunteer tour guide, a dedicated gardener and pet lover. Maya permanently lives in Corinth, a mighty ancient city near Athens-Greece.

Michelangelo - Italian

Italian journalist and translator (from English and French), recently relocated to Puglia after six years in London. I specialise in Marketing, Pharmaceuticals and audiovisual contents (subtitles of features films and TV series). When away from my desk, you can find me in a movie theatre or at the beach. As any proper translator, always high on coffee.

Nenad - Serbian

The first book I‘ve translated was Andy Warhol‘s POPism. In 1989. The book was a smashing hit re-printed don‘t know how many times with thousands of copies sold. Then came Meyrink‘s Golem, Vega‘s Bill Bailey and so on… Did some TV anchoring briefly but returned to translating in the first decade of 21st C, combining my knowledge of TV with translating and started working mainly with subtitles – at first for Hallmark, then came Fox TV, National Geography, HBO, Cmax, Netflix… However I‘ve also worked in PR and advertising, so I‘ve started localizing TV ads for Milka, Dove, Duracell, Oreo, Tuc, Rexona. And also did a lot of e-learning translating and VoiceOver...And all of it from English to Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin

Martin - German

“Martin is native German... and therefore prefers to live happily in Finland because there the language is even harder. He juggles written and spoken words in a way that it's a splendour. As an ever-curious M.A. in Media Studies and a passionate drummer, almost any topic is in good hands with him – should it need its very unique tone and rhythm. From serious science to punny fun: Martin will put his Hessian lionheart into your words. Media, marketing, politics, pop culture… you name it, he translates it. It's German but not the end of the world.”

Z Xu - Chinese

Xu obtained a BA in English Language and Literature at the Shanghai International Studies University, an MA in Conference Interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a PhD cum laude in Translation and Intercultural Studies at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain). He is a certified court interpreter for New York’s United Court System, and has provided extensive interpreting services for both Berkeley Law School and premier American law firms such as K&L Gates and Finnegan. In his own words he greets each day “with boundless optimism and excitement about new challenges and opportunities on the horizon”

Núria - Spanish

Hi! I’m Núria, 46-year-old Catalan translating marketing, tourism and travel, novels, poetry and theatre from EN, FR and PT to ES and CA. I live near Barcelona. I also write (three books published so far!), spend time with my three children, read a lot, do yoga and travel to Yorkshire in the Summer. Yes, I am a Yorkie at heart: love the rain, the green landscape (the scorching sun of OUR Summer… All yours!), Yorkshire pudding and, of course… Yorkshire beers! Cheers!

Giovanna - Portuguese Br

"A Brazilian 24-year-old professional translator and DTP artist since 2014, inspired by her work in the translation industry. Who in her free time is passionate about creating art and texts about games, books, movies, and Italian food. "

Kelly-Ann - English

Linguistics has always been a passion of mine, along with writing and baking (I make a mean rhubarb crumble and custard)! For me, accuracy is paramount and I am known to correct friends and family. Having grown up in England and having lived in both Spain and Poland, my personality has developed and benefited from an international environment. I adore the English language and all the oddities that it has. It is a fluid language and one can never stop learning it, as it evolves on a continual basis. This is why my work is a reflection of the evolution of my language and a reflection of my personality.

We are an International Language Agency delivering your company across borders and making you sound like a local.