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What are Subtitles?

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Subtitles are an important tool for reaching out to worldwide audiences since they enable all individuals, regardless of the language they speak, to comprehend and enjoy any audiovisual content. 

Subtitles can be applied to any type of video, even ones with no speech, from films and television shows to commercial and training videos. 

Audiovisual translation is not only essential as a translation tool but is also vital in making video information accessible to persons who are deaf or prefer to read rather than listen to sounds.

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Why should you use Subtitles?

Subtitles will greatly extend a video’s reach by making it available to a worldwide audience. By including subtitles in multiple languages, businesses can attract viewers from all over the world and strengthen their brand’s reputation as a multicultural and welcoming organisation.

Subtitles can also assist brands to boost their SEO efforts since search engines can index the text and make it simpler for viewers to access the video via keyword searches.

Finally, it’s worth considering the increased engagement by allowing viewers to follow content anywhere, from noisy to quiet environments.

Overall, incorporating subtitles to videos is a worthwhile investment for brands seeking to broaden their audience, boost engagement, and demonstrate their dedication to diversity and accessibility.

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Why Managed Language?

Creating subtitles is not as simple as translating speech. There are numerous rules to follow, from number of characters per line to implications of when to show or no to show subtitles on screen depending of the background action. Cultural implications should also always be taken into account – Comedy is a perfect example, as jokes and specific references often mean nothing to the target audience. Context is key.

At Managed Language we work with professional, native and local Subtitlers who always guarantee the highest quality results.

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