Legal Translation

Ensure that your documents are lawful in all regions. ​

Secure precise translations from competent professionals.

Rest assured that all of your legal documents have been accurately interpreted.

Translation for legal matters

The Legal Translation procedure accurately converts the language of legal documents while taking into account the legal backgrounds of the target region.

What is Legal Translation?

Legal Translation, like any other translation procedure, is the act of transforming one language into another. The distinction is based on the subject, such as legal documents, and the qualifications, knowledge, and accuracy of the translators engaged.

The law itself is dependent on shifting conceptions that are unique to different countries and regions. As a result, it is critical that translators are not only legal specialists who can decode the meaning behind the source, but are also constantly updated on the most recent rules in order to accurately translate materials in a manner relevant and permissible to the target region.

Why is legal translation needed?

The legal translation process must, of course, take into account the legal background of the documents in question as well as their origin and target. 

Contracts, policies, statements, licenses, and disclaimers, to name a few, require a level of skill that can only be found in translators who are not only experienced, but also comprehend the legal space of the country or region to which they are translating.

The released translated materials must be accurate and law-abiding. This type of outcome is impossible to achieve with any other type of translation, and an inaccurate translation of legal documents may result in punitive measures.

Why work with us?

We take legal document translation extremely seriously and have partnered with highly-trained, skilled, and certified translators to get outstanding results.

Our legal translators are professional, diligent, resourceful and highly qualified. 

Legal Translation does not leave room for ambiguity, that is why we and our linguists collaborate directly with you and your legal team to ensure seamless communication and accurate outcomes.

What you get

Dedicated Project Manager
You’ll be assigned an experienced Project Manager who will liaise between you and the linguistic team to ensure a smooth process.​
Qualified linguistic team
A team of qualified, specialised, and trusted linguists will be carefully selected to take care of your documents.
Up-to-date information
Our Legal Translators stay up to date with the latest changes and ensure that these are reflected in your documents.
Any file format
While most legal documents have a standardized format, we can work with almost any file and return it in the same configuration.
Right the first time
We take legal documents very seriously, but in case you need us to address any concerns, we always include two rounds of amends.

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