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What is Post Edit MT?

A human-machine collaboration process

Post-Edit Machine Translation (PEMT) is a process where linguists humanise  translations first produced by software. 

Also known as MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing), it does precisely what the name implies. Linguists revise, enrich, and standardise the original copy after it has been processed by computer software.

PEMT has been around for decades, but it has taken a big step forward in recent years with the arrival of deep learning machine translation.

Why should you use PEMT?

Current translation software is now capable of producing quite good translations on its own, but it frequently misinterprets the nuances of the content and tends to sound rigid and robotic. AI is incapable of reading emotions, localising idiomatic language, or staying current with trends. Hence why a Post-Editing procedure is necessary.

A Post-Editor corrects all mistakes made by the software and humanises the final product. 

When performed correctly, PEMT can produce excellent, precise, and consistent results, making it perfect for highly structured documents and bulk copy such as product descriptions, instruction manuals, and many others

Want to discover the potentials of machine learning applied to language?

We can advise on languages, benefits and assure you pemt has been around for a while

Why Managed Language?

PEMT requires the assistance of trained and experienced writers with in-depth content knowledge and exceptional research skills to guarantee the end result is as fluid and natural as possible.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with an acute eye for detail and extensive expertise in a wide range of fields.

Read more about some of our linguists here

It is important to note that machine translation currently works better in some languages than in others. PEMT may not be appropriate in some cases, so it’s extremely important to set up a project for success and count on our expert to advise.

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