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A professional language services company can help you reach your global audience with accurate and culturally relevant translations, transcreations and localizations. You can save time and money by working with native speakers who know your industry and the local culture. You can also boost your reputation, trust, and success with your new target audience.

Yes! But we delve deeper into your target market and offer a fully rounded cultural and linguistic review to help you make smart choices on not just your marketing messaging, but even your choice of products and services.

We are lucky to have a large talent pool of native speakers in almost every language, but if we ever encounter a project in a new language, we will source the right linguist for your needs.

Any! Due to our bespoke, in-house software, we can extract any file or document, extract the text, and translate it before recreating the file as you delivered it. For more complex projects, we’ll employ our File Engineering service to ensure we get it just right.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality content no matter how tight the deadline. We’ll work with you in our initial discovery call to determine what you need and when you need it — we’ve never missed a deadline yet!

We thrive on a challenge. It might be slightly more expensive (we assess on a case-by-case basis), but if you are in a tight spot to meet a deadline, we will do what we can to meet it and make you look good.

Although we have a price matrix (please send us an email if you would like to consult it) we usually prefer to quote per project. This means we can take into consideration all the variables that might help to make it more cost-effective for the client (e.g. volume, languages involved, automation of processes, etc).

To start with, we make a point of selecting our talent carefully — matching our clients wisely ensures quality content to start with. Additionally, we insist on a thorough briefing process, to ensure we are aligned and in possession of all the details: tone of voice, brand guidelines, terminology, preferences, amongst others. Each of our translators self-edits, and we go through the standard proofreading process, plus two rounds of revisions to align any preferential issues.

The answer is more than likely yes! Over the years we’ve worked with hospitality businesses, legal companies and large-scale retail brands, to name just a few. Most importantly, we pick our linguists and copywriters based on their interests and experience, so we can guarantee they’ll have worked on content for your industry before.

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We can dig deep, offer a quote, or just advise on what works for you and your multilingual content