Translation Memory System T.O.D.

An in-house developed system for customisable solutions

A robotic hand, overlaid with a human hand, to depict our Translation Memory System

What is a Translation Memory System?

A Translation Memory System is a type of software that allows you to keep translation memory that has been previously approved and reuse it in future projects. Typically, it divides paragraphs and phrases into smaller segments and it matches these segments with the corresponding signed-off translation. When a new project requires translation the system searches the database that was previously built and suggests the corresponding translation match.

A TMS usually benefits content that contains a lot of repetition or similar phrasing, and it ensures consistency in terminology.

What does T.O.D. bring to the table?

T.O.D. stands for Translation On Demand. When we say we like to be flexible we really mean it. We can use any CAT Tool available on the market – and we do use different ones when specified by the client – but it’s a well-known fact that CAT tools aren’t known for being super flexible and adaptable to different workflows. In the majority of cases, there is a standard file to upload, in a standard format, segmentation is rigid and more focused on making things cheap than ensuring the quality of the content being worked on.

Why did we develop T.O.D.?

In true Managed Language tradition, if we don’t like what is out there we build our own: and that’s when T.O.D. was born. Why did we go to all that trouble, you might ask? Because having our own translation memory system allows us to:

  • develop systems and solutions around the client’s needs and connect to T.O.D. via API.
  • other systems can use T.O.D.’s API to add translations, find translation memory, etc.
  • develop flexible, cost-saving, collaborative systems using Google Suite, i.e. – we can get Google Suit files to “have a chat” with T.O.D. and add or recover translation memory within a simple Google sheet.

Flexible is an understatement

In addition, we have developed extra facilities in Google Suite that allow us to import data from other files into any Google Doc, and then export it in a translated language. Think PDF (or ppt, for all that matters), extract the content into G-suit, check TM, translate, export…et voilà, the document is done and dusted (with perhaps extra formatting required if the other language is worthier than the source – but we will take care of that for you as well!)

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Working with us

Dedicated Project Manager
You’ll be assigned an experienced Project Manager who will liaise between you and our linguistic team to ensure a smooth process.
Curated writing team
A team of skilled, specialised, and trusted writers will be carefully selected to take care of your content needs. You can communicate with them directly or leave it to us.
In-depth research
PMs and Linguists will learn about you, your brand and current trends to achieve the most accurate result possible.
Workflow integration
Tech integration
We offer an array of Tech solutions, including options to integrate with your systems. Check our Software and Technology section under Services.
Right the first time
We over-prepare to get your requests right the first time, but in case you need us to address any concerns, we always include two rounds of amends.