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The Client

Baileys Original Cream is an Irish cream liqueur of cream, rich chocolate and Irish whiskey. The brand is a subsidiary of Diageo, a British multinational beverage and alcohol company. In March 2019, Baileys launched Baileys Delight, a blend of the Baileys Original Cream with African honey.

Industry: FMCG – Food & Beverage

The Product

A new product launch: Baileys Delight launch to the Nigerian market.

The Brief

A TV commercial for the Nigerian market, filming of which was originally planned to occur in Lagos. The production company decided against filming the campaign locally due to logistical and health, and safety concerns. The cultural review brief had an enquiry to find a new location that looks like Lagos. The result had to feel authentically Nigerian to be successful.

The Solution 

The most effective advertising medium in Nigeria is TV commercials, followed by out-of-home advertising like billboards, posters etc. Through our well-established network of collaboration partners, we commissioned a robust research plan. Lagos, as a city has a unique ambiance and outlook which cannot be easily replicated. Our priority is to protect the brand positioning as a local producer with a commercial looking authentic; not becoming a colossal failure in the eyes of the locals as recently discovered by Hollywood.

We recommended a convenient location in Johannesburg. With the creative approach, a street corner could replicate the Lagos scenery. The thorough, robust research plan delivered the culturally appropriate characteristics that needed to be brought to Johannesburg to make it an authentic Lagos street:

  • Location ideas and example options – street view, shop corner view, bar setting
  • Glassware and crockery
  • Current taxi and bus models
  • Mixing deck and speaker models, DJ set ideas, speaker wall options
  • Furniture options – couches, chairs, tables
  • Shop options – shop front, shelves, books
  • Lagos colours – signs, fonts, clothing
  • Actor appearance

The research discovered the most common faux pas when replicating the Nigerian culture: using traditional clothing, showing yellow bus models no longer in use, showing people in religious attire or minors.

Within three days, ML had identified a new photoshoot location, found props, extras and site support in South Africa. Once approved, ML delivered the full cultural review within 3-weeks. We ensured following the tight deadlines as the production company were already in Johannesburg, set up to film.

The Outcome

ML provided the full cultural review to transform a Johannesburg street to became Lagos for an afternoon of filming.

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