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File Engineering

What is File Engineering?

Our process for handling complex files in the translation process involves file engineering, which simplifies the handling of various file formats and enables seamless integration and processing while preserving the quality and functionality of the original content.

How is File Engineering different from Desktop Publishing?

File engineering is different from Desktop Publishing. The processes can run simultaneously, but while Desktop Publishing deals purely with the visual aspect of an asset, file engineering deals with the stuff behind the scenes: raw data in the back end. The teams who work on it are from completely different background

What files can we support you with?

This set of skills give us the ability to work directly with the text from almost any artwork package, or even create bespoke tools, allows the client to avoid performing laborious and potentially fragmented copy-paste exercises. The files we work with can be pretty common – PDF, INDD, IDML, AI, PSD or HTML, EPUB – or a bit more tricky – like JSON and XML – with data that chances are, you don’t have software to open.

When should you request File Engineering?

So why do you need file engineering again? One more for the crowd in the back….If our linguists can’t open a file, or effectively edit the text, translation becomes a very tricky process. Even with the best CAT tool around, tasks involving HTML with tags and mark-up language that require snipping text unnaturally, for example, can be very difficult for linguists to navigate. That’s where file engineering comes in. We can streamline these processes by deconstructing the file, sending it to the linguist and then reassembling the original one.

This solves the problem of complicated files, but what about simple ones in significant volume? Imagine having to deal with 300 PDFs to extract, translate and return in the new language – very time-consuming! File Engineering reduces manual labour, speeds up lead time to market and, most importantly, is cost-efficient.

It can be one file, or a thousand, the process is the same: precise, accurate, time-saving and highly efficient.

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We offer an array of Tech solutions, including options to integrate with your systems. Check our Software and Technology section under Services.
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