Go Cardless Case Study

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The Client

Blue Array required a new multilingual partner in the beginning of December 2020, to deliver original blog copies in language for their client Go Cardless, an automatic direct debit solution for companies, enabling them to collect payments without the need to chase their clients. These solutions allow for clients to complete international one-off, variable or reoccurring payments.

Industry: Services – Financial Solutions

The Product

Go Cardless is a B2B financial solution for small and medium businesses.

The Brief

Go Cardless is a client of Blue Array, the top UK SEO agency and a partner of Managed Language. The project requirement was to build a resource hub of financial information for the company’s target audience: small business owners, accountants and financial managers in small to medium businesses.

Blue Array required a multilingual partner who can deliver high quality articles, meeting the SEO standards, attribution and hashtag management of different markets, and the ability to work within tight deadlines.

The content, keywords, structure and tone of the articles needed to be clear, the aim was to provide informative, purposeful, and formal articles to help the company establish their presence in the respective markets.

The Solution 

The writers chosen for the project were handpicked based on their background and experience from our curated multilingual team of writers. The project scope required for Managed Language writers to research the company’s: industry, business model, brand, tone of voice, their competitors, their clients, and the countries where they have established digital presence.

Go Cardless required daily blogposts to be delivered for their target markets. The languages requested were UK English, American English, Australian English, and French. The volume for December was up to 17 blogposts per day.

The resource base that Go Cardless wanted to build was to serve their customers, but also to give a competitive advantage to the company, who aimed at rivalling established competitors in the financial sector.


The Outcome

Managed Language’s established network of partners and the curated team of writers worked together on delivering blog copy that aligns with the company tone of voice, brand image, industry, client requirements and can match competitor resources.

The client satisfaction was high, and the project is ongoing.

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Using our services, you can communicate your brand message across channels consistently and in the most culturally appropriate way. Our clients are from various backgrounds and industries, one thing holds true for all the clients we serve: we will bring you international customers through local brand marketing.

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