New Balance

Transcreation and Desktop Publishing

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The Client

New Balance is an American apparel and sports footwear brand headquartered in Boston, MA, USA. The brand has a well-established presence worldwide, including in the UK where some of their goods are produced for the European market.

Industry: FMCG – Sports Apparel and Footwear

The Product

New Balance campaign for the European market.

The Brief

New Balance campaign for Sports Direct Europe required to localise their original posters and artwork in 15 languages: French, Dutch, Slovenian, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Portuguese, Icelandic, Polish, German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek. The project required the localisation of the headline “No half measure” in the fifteen languages, delivered on posters in different sizes, with different images.

Portuguese advert for New Balance that says, in English, "No half measures"

The Solution 

For each market, the curated team of linguists performed a thorough research on the brand:

  • Brand history and origination
  • Brand positioning and products
  • Brand website and social media
  • Brand messaging and tone of voice
  • Brand markets and target audience
  • Past campaigns, slogans, and taglines

Based on the brand research, the linguists recommended transcreation with DTP [desktop publishing] of the brand tagline. The transcreation process allowed the linguists to truly localise the message, considering the language character and space requirements. New balance required the posters in different sizes, with varying images. These had to support the out-of-home campaigns in every target market, from A4s to large banners.

The brand research helped to understand the brand presence in each respective country, which contributed to the delivery of a successful multilingual campaign.

The Outcome

The technological capability of Managed Language allowed for the project to take only one week from receiving the brief to delivering the final files. The client’s InDesign files, localised and returned as InDesign, in language.

Empower Your Brand

We are determined to make your brand look and sound like a local; empower you through multilingual content management and cultural awareness. We are more than your average translation solution for global businesses. Our services will help you build stronger relationships with your customers, turn cultural and linguistic challenges into business growth and expansion opportunities.

Portuguese advert for New Balance that says, in English, "No half measures"